Parents Code of Conduct

  1. Code of Conduct for Parents of Participants in Residential Ski and Snowboard Program

    1. Supportive Involvement

    1.1 Encourage and support your child’s participation in the residential ski and snowboard program. 1.2 Provide the necessary information and documentation required for your child’s enrollment and participation. 1.3 Stay informed about the program details, schedules, and any updates communicated by the program organizers.

    1. Communication and Cooperation

    2.1 Maintain open and respectful communication with the program organizers, staff members, and instructors. 2.2 Share any relevant information about your child’s health conditions, allergies, or special needs that may impact their participation. 2.3 Inform the program organizers in advance of any planned absences or changes to your child’s participation.

    1. Safety and Equipment

    3.1 Ensure that your child is appropriately dressed for skiing or snowboarding, including suitable clothing and protective gear. 3.2 Provide your child with proper fitting and functioning equipment or arrange for its rental through authorized channels. 3.3 Familiarize yourself with the safety guidelines and procedures of the program and reinforce them with your child.

    1. Behavior and Respect

    4.1 Teach your child to treat others with respect, courtesy, and fairness at all times. 4.2 Encourage your child to follow the instructions and guidance provided by the program staff members and instructors. 4.3 Support a positive and inclusive environment by discouraging any form of discrimination, harassment, bullying, or disrespectful behavior.

    1. Compliance with Program Policies

    5.1 Ensure that your child adheres to the program’s code of conduct, rules, and regulations. 5.2 Encourage your child to participate actively and responsibly in all program activities and sessions. 5.3 Respect the decisions made by the program organizers or staff members regarding the safety and well-being of the participants.

    1. Feedback and Concerns

    6.1 Provide constructive feedback or suggestions to the program organizers when necessary, focusing on the improvement of the program. 6.2 Raise any concerns or issues related to your child’s participation promptly and directly with the program organizers, following the designated communication channels.

    1. Confidentiality and Privacy

    7.1 Respect the confidentiality of personal information shared by the program organizers, staff members, or other participants’ families. 7.2 Seek permission before sharing or using any media (photos, videos, etc.) taken during the program that includes other participants or staff members.

    1. Code of Conduct Awareness

    8.1 Familiarize yourself with the code of conduct for participants and ensure your child understands and complies with it. 8.2 Support the program organizers and staff members in enforcing the code of conduct for participants.