Senior Program

Senior athletes (from circa 16yrs upwards)

  • 1st Oct for 6 months. For all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • 1st Oct for 3 months. For all levels (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  • 1st Jan for 3 months. For intermediate and advanced snowboarders only.
  • Flexible joining – Dependant on standard, it is possible for snowboarders to join us at any point during this 6 month period from as little as one week.
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The six month program is split as follows:- October to December (3 months) are dedicated training months with few, if any, competitions. We train 4-5 days per week, circa 8 hrs per day. This period is where the most progression is made as it is a 100% dedicated timetable of structured coaching.   The January to March three month period is more flexible as we attend competitions (optional) across Europe but on average work 4-5 days a week on snow, 8 hrs per day (usually more in this period)

Interested? Email:-

  • We coach snowboard cross, free ride, free style and all mountain.
  • Aimed at current or aspiring snowboarders wanting to compete.
  • All standards welcome though beginners must start on the 1st October.
  • Self catered, team accomodation.
  • Represent your country in competitions while travelling around Europe.
  • Make friends for life with new experiences every day
  • And finally… Enjoy yourself in what promises to be a once in a lifetime experience.

The senior snowboard coaching and competition program cost includes:-

  • Accommodation at our team base in Austria.
  • Coaching /5 days a week on snow and video analysis off snow.
  • Setting of training & competition plans.
  • Compete in competitions across Europe between Jan to Mar.
  • All travel in team vehicles to/from team base to all training and competition venues across Europe.
  • Fitness support.

One Life. Live It.

Inspire Snowsports utilises experienced snowboard coaches who coach all aspects of snowboarding with a focus on snowboard cross. Inspire Snowsports is owned and managed by Dan Brier, a two time TeamGB Olympic coach & 4 x TeamGB  Olympia, Zoë Gillings-Brier.

Inspire Snowsports offers snowboard programs from 1 week to 6 months. Though previous snowboard experience is ideal, it is not neccessary.

* Your snowboarding will progress hugely during your time with us.
* Most snowboarders join us with no previous competition experience.
* Enjoy your down time experiencing what a mountain life has to offer.
* We take athlete from circa 16yrs and upwards. We have no upper age limit.

What are the costs?

  • One week:- £900
  • Two weeks:- £1500
  • One month:- £2500
  • Three months:- £6000
  • Six months:- £8500
Whats included in the price?:- Coaching 4/5 days a week wherever we are in Europe, self catered accommodation at our chosen training venue, all travel in team vehicles from the accommodation to all training and competition venues and back again, setting of coaching and competition programs and video analysis.

Obvious items not included in the price:- Season lift pass (circa €890)  and competition costs (circa £600).  Competition costs only apply to snowboarders joining us from the 1st January onwards and only if they want to compete.

Please contact if you want any further information or wish to join. Thanks.