Junior Program

Our 2021/22 junior snowboard program is now open! If you truly want to enjoy a once in a lifetime experience and take your riding to the next level, join Inspire Snowsports this winter. If you want to solely progress your riding or you have aspirations to compete at the Olympics – we can help you realise your potential.

The junior program focusses on all aspects of snowboarding including freeride, freestyle, snowboard cross, park & pipe and all mountain with further opportunities to specialise within the wider aspects of our program.

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The junior program coaches all aspects of snowboarding including freestyle (park & pipe), free ride, all mountain and snowboard cross.


One of the real challenges we see on an almost daily basis are younger junior snowboarders “specialising” in a snowboard discipline too early – and this is especially prevalent in British junior snowboarders.  We believe that our junior snowboarders should receive coaching in all areas of snowboarding. A typical season would see Oct & Nov as dedicated coaching months then Jan, Feb and Mar a mixture of coaching and competing at various competitions in various disciplines across Europe.

Child Safeguarding | House parent

We take our child safeguarding responsibilities very seriously. As a professional program we are fully affiliated with Snowsport England and have a full time “house parent” in resort; a major part of gaining this affiliation includes meeting stringent child safeguarding requirements. All our staff attend various workshops and courses. We have many years experience working with children.

The best school ever…

Nutrition & fitness is important for World class athletes so we believe it is extremely important for our junior athletes too. We work with Liverpool John Moores University (LJMU) who provide weekly nutrition lessons.  We show our athletes how what we eat and drink affects our body when we are resting, training, competing or recovering from an injury.

What are the costs?

We predominantly offer two, three and five month programs.

  • Three month program (3rd Jan to 31st Mar)is £6000
Whats included in the price?:-

Full safeguarding provided 24/7 (to include time management, ensuring a healthy diet is achieved, money management, school work supervision etc), Coaching 5 days a week, self catered accommodation at our team base in Austria, all travel in team vehicles from the team base to all training and competition venues and back again, nutritional support, fitness support, technical support and transport to days out.

Typical items not included in the price:- Season lift pass (circa €600)  and competition costs (circa £500).  Competition costs only apply to snowboarders joining us from the 1st January onwards.

Please contact info@inspiresnowsports.com if you want further information or want to join. Thanks.